Flatpak Linux Apps Installation Instructions:

Flatpak is similar to an Application/App Store that will allow you to install Linux apps in Batocera. Flatpak works for PC x64 systems (including PC-based handheld gaming systems). Flatpak will not work for single-board computers (including raspberry pi systems). In addition, when Flatpak was introduced into Batocera, there was a complicated process of using WinSCP and entering commands. This is no longer the case. Instead, you only need to go into Applications (accessible through File Manager when you Press F1 on your keyboard) and double-click on “flatpak-config.” From there, search for the Flatpak app you would like to install. Please see the video below for a tutorial on the new method.

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Other Flatpak Videos:

Again, please ignore any video sections that mention WinSCP or mention entering commands. Instead, you can fast-forward those video sections and simply view the Flatpak apps featured in the videos. Once the desired Flatpak apps are installed via Applications –>flatpak-config, they will function as featured in the videos below.

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